5. The Thököly Family

The Thököly family represents the most famous family which resided in the castle for the longest time. Four generations of this family, namely Šebastián, Štefan I., Štefan II. and Imrich, resided in the castle in 1579 – 1684.

During this time the castle became a centre of Spiš aristocracy´s cultural life; arts of various kinds was flourishing there. The family contributed for the largest castle´s reconstruction; doing so the castle became a luxurious Renaissance residence.

Imrich Thököly Kópia portrétu Heleny Zrínskej (1643-1703) manželky Imricha Thökölyho.

The last and the most famous family member, Imrich (1657 – 1705) was the commander of the uprising led by the Hunagrian nobility against the emperor. Following the uprising´s supression he took refugee to Turkey where he died, finally. His allies, Turks, proclaimed Imrich the King of Hungary unlawfully.

After more than 200 years, in 1906, his remains were being transported to Kežmarok and placed in a New Lutheran Church. The exhibition is situated in two rooms of the castle´s entance tower. This tower, so-called main or old tower, ranks among the oldest castle´s parts. Since its origin, it had always been used as the seat of the castle´s lord.

Kamenný erb na čelnej strane fasády vstupnej veže do nádvoria hradu. Pôvodný gotický portál v interiéri.

Exterior wall above the castle´s entrance is decorated with the coat fo arms of the families Thököly a Thurzo. Today´s spiral staircase is not original, it was built in the late 19th century. A precious Gothic portal has been preserved in the first room of the exhibition.

Umiestnenie fotografií a artefaktov z prevozu pozostatkov Imricha Thökölyho.

On the wall you can see historic photos documenting the transport of Imrich Thököly´s remains from Turkey back to Kežmarok, various souvenirs, the portraits of Imrich and his wife, Ilona Zrínyi.

Fresky v interiéri - nápis. Fresky v interiéri - kresby z mytológie.

In the second room, which, supposedly was used as a dining room, you can see remains of old frescoes and moral texts dated back to 1639. Above the portal you can see the paintings depicting musicians, namely drummer, piper, bugler, mandolin player, figures in funny masks or dancing couples.

Štefan II. Thököly so synom Imrichom Thököly 1763 František Rákóczi II. - nevlastný syn Imricha Thökölyho.

The pictures depict Imrich with his father, Štefanom II., and Imrich´s stepson, František Rákoczy II., the commander of the last unsuccessful uprising of the Hungarian nobility.

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