6. Pharmacy

The room is dedicated to the Association of Spiš Doctors and Pharmacists which was established in 1863 at the discretion of Gregor Tátray, Jr., the Kežmarok doctor. The articles of the Association were approved only in 1867.

The main function fo the association was to propagate health education within the region, to help with the professional training of doctors and pharmacists by means of conferences, seminars and publications. On the proposal from the association the Hungarian government had established the Ministry of Health for the first time. The pharmacy´s equipment comes from the 19th-20th century.

Vývesný štít lekárne "U uhorskej koruny".

The first known pharmacy existed in Kežmarok already in the 15th century, the first pharmacists worked already in the 16th century. Currently, there still exists one of two pharmacies, namely the Pharmacy by the Hungarian Crown whose signboard is located above the panel in the middle of the room.

Lekárenský lis Pilulovnica - zariadenie na výrobu piluliek.

Beside this, there are many other pieces of pharmacy´s collection, namely herb tincture pess, machine used for casting and moulding capsules, so-called pilulovnica („pilule“ means pills), syringes, first-aid kid with homeopatics, various materials documenting the Association´s activities, packaging material from the pharmacy By Golden Deer, which ceased to exist. In the room you can also see an intersting hiding place used for storage of toxic substances, placed behind the mirror.

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