11. The Gallery

The exhibition presents portraits and various furniture items from the 17th to the 19th century in Spiš. It comprises relatively small individual pieces and solitaires of historical furniture combined with portraits.

The authors of portraits, which depict significant Spiš aristocratic and burgeois families, are mostly unknown. Jozef Czauczik, Ladislav Medňanský, who used to stay in a nearby mansion, Strážky, Mikuláš Barabáš, Ferdinand Katona, Karol Tibelly, Ján Gottlieb Kramer, Jozef Zanussi and many others rank among the outstanding painters.

Portrét Matiáša Goldbergera, 1645 Portrét pani Goldbergerovej, 1645
Goldberger – Bethlenfalvy
Jozef Czauczik: Andrej Probstrner, 1834 Jozef Czauczik: Amália Fuchsová Probstnerová, 1833-1834
Andrej a Amália Probstnerovci
Matej Badányi Mladý Matej Badányi so psom
Matej Badányi
Jozef Badányi Karol Badányi
Jozef Badányi Karol Badányi

The portraits depict the Spiš families members, namely Goldberger-Bethlenfalvy, Andrej and Amália Probstner, the Badányi Family, Baltazára Horváth-Stansith´s portrait, families Demiány, Eliáš and Kolbenheyer, the families of Martin Schwartner or Pavol Napoleon Mariássy.

Maľovaný barokový nábytok imitujúci mramor. Maľovaný barokový nábytok imitujúci mramor - detail.
Maľovaný barokový nábytok imitujúci mramor. Maľovaný barokový nábytok imitujúci mramor - detail.
Klasicistický intarzovaný nábytok. Klasicistický intarzovaný nábytok.
Sedacia súprava z obdobia biedermeieru.

The gallery also displays interesting furniture and sofas, painted Baroque furniture imitating marble, Classical inlaid furniture or Biedermeier sofas.

Ukážka štýlu Ľudovíta XVI.

The mirror and the console table decorated with naturalistic motifs represent the style of Louis XVI. The wood paneling with fireplace and mirror comes from the late 19th century.

Obloženie krbu - celkový pohľad. Obloženie krbu - detail.
Ohnisko krbu Rukoväť krytu na ohnisku.
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