10. Sacral Art

The exhibition displays rare collection items from the St.Agnes Roman-Catholic Church in already extinct village, Ruskinovce. It was demolished due to a military zone, Javorina, which has been established in 1952.

Kazateľnica z kostola v Ruskinovciach Jeden z dvojice anjelov z kostola v Ruskinovciach.

The Baroque pulpit and a pair of angels and torchbearers by unknown Spiš carvers come from the original church´s equipment.

Oltárny obraz - sv. Agnesa

Above the altar, i.e. the sacrificial table, there is an altarpiece of St.Agnes from the early 19th century painted by Jozef Czauczik from Levoča, a famous Biedermeier painter.

Socha - sv. Ignác z Loyoly Socha - sv. František Xaverský
Socha panovníka - sv. Ladislava Socha panovníka - sv. Štefan

The Baroque statues of Jesuit saints, Ignatius of Loyola and St.Francis Xavier, and the statues of Hungarian Kings, St.Ladislav and St.Stefan come from unknown Spiš areas.

Plastika - Mojžiš

The sculpture of Moses from the 17th century ranks among the unique collection items.

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