9. Kežmarok in the 19th and 20th century

Kežmarok was a multinational town. There were Germans, Slovaks, Hungarians, Jews, Poles and others living there together. Each nationality has left its mark in the political, economic, cultural and school history of the town what can be proved by the exhibition devoted to Kežmarok in the 19th and 20th century.

Tabuľa so slovensko-nemeckým označením Nemecká obecná ľudová škola. Fotografia žiačok Dievčenskej meštianskej školy v Kežmarku z rokov 1906/1907.

The history of education, which dates back already to the 14th century, dominates the room. The original town school transformed to a famous lyceum which educated students from all over Central Europe, many of whom later became famous writers, national personalities or scientists.

Fotoreprodukcia maľby Lajosa Brneka z roku 1907, zobrazujúca Weinovu továreň v Kežmarku. Fotografia prvého parného stroja v mestskej elektrárni v Kežmarku

The remaining part displays documents devoted to economic, cultural and social life in Kežmarok.

Drevený model kežmarskej synagógy Tabuľka s pomenovaním Ulica Adolf Hitler Strasse v Kežmarku sa používala v rokoch 1939 - 1944/45.

The other part of the exhibition placed along the windows is unique as well. It is dedicated to life of the Kežmarok Jewish Community which, in the past, represented one-fifth of the local population. In the front part you can see a model of the Jewish Synagogue, various religious objects and exhibits concerning the educational, business and political matters. The back part of the room is devoted to the sad part of history, i.e. the Holocaust.

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