8. The Dungeon

The dungeon, one of the five preserved defensive castle towers which is used as a gazebo nowadays, offers a beautiful outlook on the historic town of Kežmarok, the High Tatras and Belianske Tatras.

Cesta Beaty Laskej do Tatier - Ilustrácia

There is a sad story about Beata Laska related to this place. Beata was a wife of one of the castle owners. She, being the first woman in history, carried out the first official trip to the High Tatras, namely to the Zelené pleso Tarn in 1565 with Kežmarok citizens, though without her husband. Her husband, Albert Lasky supposed her to commit a moral sin; when she came back, Albert imprisoned Beata for 6 years in a famine with only two windows left. The one was used for the purposes of food supply, the other one offered poor Beata an outlook on her beloved High Tatras.

Beata Laska - Kościelecka - Ostrogska Albert Lasky

Doing this, Lasky supposed to get money of his wife and thus solve his financial problems. Nevertheless, he had to leave the castle due to cash flow problems finally. Along with the castle, the next castle owner, Jan Rueber, got distraught Beata as well who, soon after her rescue, died in Košice

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