13. Kežmarok and the High Tatras

Since 1269, part of the High Tatras, i.e. the Zelené pleso area and the Biela voda Valley, has belonged to the Kežmarok land area.Various herbalists, gold miners, smugglers, shepherds, hunters and students were considered the first Tatras tourists.

Beata Laská - Koscielecka Ostrogska Albert Lasky

The first woman in the Tatras history was Beata Laska, the wife of the Kežmarok Castle´s owner, who carried out the trip to the Zelené pleso Lake. You can see a reconstructed dress of this famous woman displayed in the room devoted to Kežmarok and the High Tatras. Next to it there is a reconstructed costume of her husband, Albert.

maľovaný obraz vysokých Tatier od prof. Scholtza z roku 1938 Plastická mapa Tatier z obdobia I. československej republiky.

A painted picture of the High Tatras, painted by prof. Ernest Scholtz in 1938, dominates the room. The picture captures all Tatras ascents, fauna, flora, costumes, the original town names and important personalities related to the High Tatras. In the middle of the room there is a plastic map of Tatra mountains from the early 20th century.

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