3. Weapons development

The two-storeyed Eastern watch tower, the oldest part of the castle, composed the part of the town fortification which the castle was later annexed to. One piece of the fortification´s wall can be seen in the attic.

1. poschodie - rôzne druhy strelných zbraní.

Nowadays, the exhibition of weapons is situated in the two-storeyed tower; on the first floor you can see various kinds of shooting weapons. Among the oldest shooting weapons belong harquebuses, later periods are represented by different pistols with roller, fire or percussion locks from the 17th-19th century. The collection also contains gunpowder flasks, pliers for casting bullets and a gunpowder barrel.

2. poschodie - chladné zbrane.

On the second floor you can see so-called cool weapons. Various kinds of sabres, whirls bats, flails, stabbing weapons like swords and stilletoes and halberds belong to the group of so-called cutting weapons.

Husárska zbroj zo 17. storočia. Medailón Panny Márie z Czestochowej.

In this room you can also see parts of the armour; the most precious one is the the Polish hussar armour from the 17th century decorated with the medallion of Our Lady from Czestochowa. The armour represents a unique item not only within the scope of the Spiš area but also within the Middle Europe.

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