15. Lapidary

In the exposition you can see worked stone elements which originate from sacral and secular buildings from various periods from the Middle Ages up to the modern times. In various forms (parts of artistically designed entrances and window openings, fireplaces or sculptures) they represent the morphology of the Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque Renaissance, but also 19th century architecture.

Umelecky stvárnené portály vstupov Umelecky stvárnené okenné rámy
Umelecky stvárnené orámovania krbov Sochárske diela

One of the most important monuments is the original portal of the castle chapel from 1658 which, after the reconstruction of the castle in the 1970s, was placed inside the castle. You can find it´s copy in the exterior.

Originál portálu kaplnky Originál sochy Svetlonosky

Another precious piece of the collection is the original statue of a Torchbearer from 1894, which was once part of the promenade near the New Evangelical and wooden articular church. Today there is a copy of it. The Torchbearer is usually interpreted as a monument to the electrification of the city or to the completion and sanctification of the New (Red) Evangelical Church. The electricity replaced the kerosene lighting in the city on October 1, 1894. The Evangelical Church was sanctified on December 2, 1894. In the corner of the room you can see the remnants of the original fireplace, which was fed with wood from the outside.

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